Ted & Bette Pappas


Ted Pappas & Bette Koprivica were married in 1947.  They had four children, son Ted Jr, daughter Candace, and twin daughters Cynthia and Charisse.  

Family Room with FLW furnature


In July of 1954 they wrote a letter to Frank Lloyd Wright asking him to design a home for them and enclosed a retainer of $300.  Ted & Bette indicated to Frank Lloyd Wright that they could spend around two to three thousand dollars for a lot of three-fourths of an acre, and then nineteen to twenty thousand dollars for a home of either six or seven rooms.

"No Passing Fancy" A Pictorial History


Mrs. Bette Pappas wrote a book that  details the history of how they convinced Frank Lloyd Wright to design a home for them and how they were able to build it themselves.  A copyright release has been obtained from the Pappas family heirs.  The color pictures shown on this website were taken under contract with the Bette Pappas by 

Bedroom with built in furnature


The 2,310 square foot house includes a family room with a terrace, a large living room with an outdoor terrace, a kitchen/workspace, four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a utility area, and a two car carport.  The  lot is 3.36 acres in size  and heavily wooded.